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I have posted a map. Let me know what kind of neighborhood you might want to be from. There will be some basic areas, industrial, poor, rich, etc but if you have any suggestions let me know.

The world is a dangerous place. Most people live their lives normally enough, trying to push out of their mind the possibility that a superhuman might crash into their lives and inadvertently destroy nearly everything. It is hard to pinpoint precisely where science expanded far beyond man’s ability to control it, but there is no denying that has happened. The world is living in an era of massive change, that will be looked on with awe by future generations should they exist at all.

Put simply, people are beginning to advance. They require catalysts, specific chemical or radioactive events, but upon exposure at just the right levels they can develop powers beyond that of most people. The odds are staggering, perhaps one in 100,00, but that still leads to more than enough super humans to destabilize governments and spark civil wars. Crime in America and other developed countries is rampant as these governments are forced to throw their resources at global problems.

Not everyone seeks to use these powers for destructive purposes. There are people, vigilantes, who try to protect the weak and helpless. The city of San Sebastian is home to many such vigilantes, a term used more in respect than derision these days. They are about to encounter a force seeking to tear apart the world that they are trying so valiantly to hold together. The struggle will be recounted in history books for generations to come, but whether they are the heroes or the villains will depend on who is victorious.

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