Rules and such

This has mostly everything you could need to know about the rules.

1st to 2nd update

Powers, edges and hindrances are all available. I will be using the death table when a character “dies”. There are a couple of changes to the rules as shown, however.

Ignore anything about “heavy” attacks and damage. I’m not using them.

I am not using the deflect power. There are already lots of powers that allow a character to make them hard to hit. (uncanny reflexes and super speed come to mind) If I used it, I will probably make it more expensive, along the lines of 2 points per rank.


There are a few changes I am making that you may not be used to.

1. Drawing a weapon will count as a full action and will incur a multi action penalty if you try to draw and use a weapon in the same turn.

2. Shaken rolls will work as follows. If your character is shaken, they may make an spirit roll on their action(not immediately). When they make this roll, these will be the results.

• Failure: The character remains Shaken. He can only perform free actions.

• Success: The character is no longer Shaken, but can still only perform free actions. His next action, he will not be shaken(unless he gets shaken again.)

• Raise: The character is no longer Shaken and may act normally.

You may also spend a benny at any time, even if it isn’t your action, to break shaken.

Rules and such

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