The Boring Stuff

1. The Boring Stuff

The legal stuff about superhumans and vigilantes. Here are some cliff notes.

Fairness act

Basically no superhuman can take a job where their abilities give them an advantage. A technopath can’t work in IT, but they are free to become a botanist or something. This is mainly important due to the fact that it tends to anger superhumans and encourage them to either not register their powers or use them for illegal means after being forced out of their careers. If you want more information, request it and I can write up a wiki.


They are technically illegal, but the police know that they need them to keep things from just devolving into open warfare. Technically, the police can hunt them down any time but they typically don’t have to.

Police offices typically have a “Community Liaison” who is a thinly veiled link to the vigilante community. He typically is a highly trained ordinary human who is outfitted with very effective gear. He works with vigilantes, but is also in charge of keeping them in line. If a particular vigilante starts to get to extreme or leaves a pile of bodies in their wake the community liaison will let the vigilante community know that they had better make the problem go away. They typically make the problem go away by delivering to the police for trial. Vigilantes know that they are only going to be allowed as long as they cause more good than harm, and so they try to discourage troublemakers.

Secret identities are a mixed bag. Many heroes have one just for the sake of keeping baddies from banging down their door, but many don’t keep them. It is kind of assumed that, if they put their mind to it, the government could probably crack most hero’s identities. Some heroes even register their powers with the government, and their personas are purely to keep their enemies at bay. Costumes are pretty minimal, though some like a more colorful look.


A domestic terrorist group. They want to expose the entire world to catalysts(chemicals, radiation, etc) and let the “worthy” ascend and the chaff die.

The Boring Stuff

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