The City

Welcome to San Sebastian. The city flourished during the industrial age, and then found a new influx during the current information age. There is a lot of wealth here, and a lot of people who want it. Crime has risen, as it has in all metropolitan areas, but the city has been spared some of the larger events in this newest influx of problems. Until now, that is.

City Map.

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People of note

The Diplomat

Most well known hero in city. Mainly tries to solve things peacefully, but if peaceful methods fail unleashes devastating mental and telekinetic powers without hesitation. He likes to act as a helper to the police without getting directly involved in most street level crime, mainly because he thinks he can do more good focusing his energies elsewhere. Very community active hero, invests a lot of money in community out reach and infrastructure. He is known to be a formidable combatant, and has both telepathic and telekinetic powers at his disposal. He is publicly known as Luise Suarez, a former air force Lt who retired to the private sector. His powers allegedly developed after his honorable discharge, but there are those who suspect that he has a tense relationship with the government due to experiments performed that gave him his powers. His “costume” is a suit and tie.


A much more controversial hero. Shrouded in mystery, this hero stalks the places that only the most vile call home. Ruin is mostly focused on destabilizing local criminal elements, mostly focusing on keeping super powers out of the lives of daily people. If a rumor gets out that one gang or another is getting their hands on some extra human weapons you can bet that Ruin will soon make an appearance. When the source of the issue is a super powered individual who has decided to use their powers to take from others, Ruin will handle the situation most harshly. If possible the criminal’s powers will be removesd, otherwise they will simply be presented to the police to be locked up in a super powered containment facility. If that method proves uneffective, Ruin has shown willingness to permanently remove the problem. Typically if a criminal finds themselves on Ruin’s radar they will serve their sentence. If they are smart, they will either move to a different city or try to make a living honestly. Ruin’s powers have not been calculated, but he is physically extremely strong and fast. Combined with his ability to turn invisible and one does not typically see Ruin until it is too late.

The Clan

Certainly not the only gang in the city, but definitely the one with the most territory. A large portion of the street level illegal activity can be connected to The Clan. Drugs, prostitution and illegal gambling are all huge money makers for them. The Clan’s leader, a man by the name of Jefferson Tanner, has been quietly investing their profits into a variety of more long term businesses. Many of these perform research that leads to immediate business returns, cheap synthetic drugs for example. However, it has become clear that Jefferson wishes to move his gang’s influence to a higher level with more influence and less interference from street level vigilantes. Many vigilantes are more than happy to flex their powers by turning in a drug dealer or a pimp. Jefferson has been accepting his losses for some time, compensating for the super powered interference rather than pushing against it. Now he has soldiers running with super powered weapons and high level Lieutenants with a variety of powers. Some streets have become more dangerous for a super hero than they used to be. Jefferson himself is in possession of several high powered weapons and carries a personal shield with him at all times. He is not a soldier, though. His body guard, Speed Demon, has currently unquantified speed as well as several other speed-related powers. Other gangs are starting to try to follow Jefferson’s example, but many established gangs are simply losing ground to those established by super humans.

The Red Caps

Gang of 7 enforcers who hire themselves out to anyone in the city who can afford their services. Though they claim to be able to do anything they excel in all out brawls, containing very overtly powerful members. They are powerful individually, but nigh unstoppable as a group. They can be hired peace meal, and hiring all seven of them would cost a small fortune. They hold to no code of honor, and hiring them implies that they are free to employ whatever methods they wish to accomplish your ends. They have been associated with several brutal killings, and will often torture their victims before killing them if possible. Many are rapists, and all are killers several times over. Ruin has declared merciless war on the group until every last one of them are dead. As evidence of this, there used to be ten of them.

The City

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